04 July, 2020

Wingello Village News July 2020

The Wingello Village News is here for July 2020.
See this month's  Wingello Village News.
This is the 137th monthly newsletter.

What's happening this month:
  • Lots of improvements around the village
  • Store Open until 7:00pm on Fridays
  • Wingello Public School are back
  • Wingello Village Association AGM 25 July.
      Coronavirus is still with us and we are taking appropriate precautions:

      We're back and ready for Breakfast

      Lastly, don't forget our new weekday store opening times:
      We open at 7:30am and close at 4:00pm.
      Fridays we go to 7:00pm so you can have end the week with some food from the store.



      Unknown said...

      I just love it.. It keeps us so informed. I live in Albion Park Rail. My son lives in Calgary, Alberta Canada. My daughter and her family live in Wingello So we all avidly read the news and comments you produce. You provide a great service.

      Wingello Village Store said...

      Thank you. We're glad to share the news of our little village.