07 October, 2021

COVID Safety in Wingello


Keeping Clean with a welcoming smile

With some restrictions on travel lifting shortly we thought it would be a good idea to explain our implementation of the NSW Health's "COVID Safe" plan.
All businesses in NSW are required to have a completed COVID Safety plan based on the templates provided by NSW Health for each industry. We have been following these guidelines since the start of the restrictions last year. As you can see a lot goes on to keep our customers safe in both general and food safe areas. All our primary staff have completed official food safety supervisor courses.

Business Type:

We are classified as a Critical Retail Premises as both a "Neighbourhood Shop" (including Post Office, General Store, Newsagency, Bank, Fuel) as well as a "Food and Drink premises".
Under the current rules, all are welcome to Neighbourhood Shops and can purchase food for take away at Food and Drink premises. We are not allowed to take bookings or have dining inside for all visitors.

Frequent Cleaning:

We regularly wipe down common areas and surfaces such as door handles, benches and so on with appropriate cleaning agents. All cutlery and other utensils are thoroughly washed in our very efficient commercial dishwasher. Hand Sanitiser is available for customer use on both the Retail and Post Office benches. Staff regularly maintain good hand hygiene as we have always done in line with proper food safety procedures. All toilets have appropriate hand soap and paper towels.


All staff wear masks when in contact with customers. 
Customers are required to wear masks unless they have an exemption. In compliance with the NSW Anti Discrimination laws we are not allowed to ask to see a mask exemption so we make the reasonable assumption that anyone not wearing mask has a valid exemption.

QR Codes:

We have QR Code sign-ins on all doors, multiple walls and places in the store so anyone is able to sign in while maintaining physical distancing. We can enter the information directly into the NSW Health web based Sign-In form for the store and also have a manual sign in sheet if the customer does not have the appropriate phone or app. Under the NSW Privacy laws we are not allowed to ask to see the QR Code results so once more we make the reasonable assumption that everyone has signed in. 

Feeling Unwell or in isolation?

Please don't come in. We can make arrangements to drop off supplies you need and help you get through this time. We have helped many in the village who have had to isolate for 14 days over the last 2 years.

Capacity Limits:

Under the 4 persons per Sq Metre rule we are able to have 20 people inside the store and 20 outside. When this drops to 2 persons per square metre we can fit in 40.
We are not able to serve food or drink on site under the current Stay at Home orders so all our lovely food and coffee is only available to enjoy off site. The nearby Casburn Park has a number of bench seats and lovely open areas for a picnic.

Physical Distancing and Ventilation:

We have stickers on the floor indicating 1.5m gaps. We also have the dining bench opposite the main Point of Sale forming a perfect barrier allowing people to move in and out effectively. The shop also has pretty of space and height to allow people to move in and out with ease as well as the side entrance via Maple Lane as an option. With regular opening of doors, a high roof and air conditioners, our air flow and ventilation are very good. Air conditioners are regularly maintained and filters cleaned.

Singing and Dancing:

This is a particular concern for NSW Health. No singing or dancing is allowed and all smiles hidden behind masks - for your safety.


We don't care if you are vaccinated or not. As the Prime Minister has said, this is a voluntary informed decision for each person to make for all vaccines and medical treatments. Under the NSW anti discrimination laws we are not allowed to refuse anyone based on their vaccination status or any other medical condition.
We continue to implement all the recommended "COVID Safe" guidelines in line with the laws of NSW.

01 October, 2021

Wingello Village News - October 2021

The Wingello Village News is here for October 2021.

This is the 152nd monthly newsletter!

What's happening this month:
  • All are welcome at the Wingello Village Store.
  • Lots of things to do in Wingello even under the "Stay at Home" orders.
  • Wingello Fire Brigade on the job - even wth restrictions!
Lastly, don't forget our weekday store opening times:
We open Weekdays at 7:00am and close at 4:00pm.
Weekends are 8:00am to 3:00pm