20 June, 2014

Another great Chef's night special

Chicken Kiev Balls
We had a great night this evening with our 3rd Chef Night Special.  About 30 dinners were served to a fun group of diners in a warm store on a chilly evening.
Our Gluten intolerant and Vegetarian diners did not miss out with a special menu for them too.
Now Eric is considering what his next special will entail!
The next dinner is on Friday 18 July.
Hearty Rich stew - with seconds!

Sticky Date puddings with caramel sauce and ice cream

Eric, showing us how it is done.

01 June, 2014

Wingello Village News June 2014

Wingello Village News for June 2014 is out.

Highlights for the month:

Local Tradies upgrade the shop
2014 Wingello Forest Endurance Ride (More story and photos)
Chef's night special on Friday 20 June.  Book now!
Fire Brigade News

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2014 Wingello Forest Endurance Ride

It was a great day for young and younger
 Last week was the 2014 Wingello Forest Endurance Ride.  And what a weekend it was!
Perfect sunny weather and another well organised event saw horse floats start arriving on Friday evening with more and more arriving from early Saturday morning.
Last year had around 150 riders and this year had 296! Saturday was dedicated to introductory riders and 135 riders gave it a go. 5km, 10km and 20km rides in the beautiful Wingello Forest resulted in many happy riders. We spoke to young and not so young riders who were telling us how much they enjoyed their experience.
It's a precise job balancing the BBQ.
We were there from dawn on Saturday until late that night, and again on Sunday.  Over that time we supplied over 400 burgers, egg and bacon roll, sandwiches and so on.
Burgers with the most under our spotlights
Congratulations to the organisers for such a well run event!  Enjoy this collection of photos I took over the weekend.
Burger on a plate.  Great for Gluten intolerant people!

The first bacon and egg rolls for the day

One of the first riders out for a practice ride

Ready for business.

Preparing for the morning rush

Little horses need little riders.  And they have to run too.

Vetting.  A game the whole family can play.

Special horses.

Locals waiting for their turn.

The riders start the first 20km ride

Everyone can join in the ride

That's a lot of water for when the horses return

The vetting queue

Preparing the bonfire

Lana enjoying a brief respite

Sunday Morning.  The Vetting area ready for riders to return

Horse riders around the base ready for their ride

The Chief Steward marking off each rider as they start.

The ride is great fun for kids too
See. One size fits all.

The Wingello Store crew enjoying a short break in the action