04 December, 2013

Wingello Village News December 2013

Wingello Village News for December 2013 is out.

Highlights for the month:

The Highland Fling has Flung
Free Wireless Internet at the store
Staff Changes
Book now for the Christmas Party Friday 20 December
Fire Brigade News

The Wingello Village Store is for sale.

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05 November, 2013

Wingello Village News November 2013

Wingello Village News for November 2013 is out.

Wingello Halloween Party very successful
Cicadas are still noisy
Book Christmas Dinner
Wingello Fire Brigade was very busy!

The Wingello Village Store is for sale.

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13 October, 2013

Wingello Village News for October 2013

Wingello Village News for October 2013 is out.

This issue was delayed to allow locals to enjoy the new Wingello Village Association newsletter first.

Hotter Days are here
Fire Preparedness
Locals in the news
Wingello Wargamers

The Wingello Village Store is for sale.

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08 September, 2013

Wingello Village News September 2013

Wingello Village News for September 2013 is out.

Highlights for the month:

Lots of events coming:
  Spring Carnival Dinner on Friday night 27 September
  Fire Station Open Day on Saturday 28 September
  Wingello Damp-off on Saturday 5 October
  10th Anniversary Fireflies Dinner Dance Saturday 19 October
Fire Season starts 1 October
PO Boxes Upgraded
The Wingello Village Store is for sale.

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03 August, 2013

Wingello Village News August 2013

Wingello Village News for August 2013 is out.

Highlights for the month:

The Wingello Village Store is for sale.
Ariel, James and Tim finished their studies!

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15 July, 2013

This is how Lolly Bags are made

Ariel not sneaking a lolly between bags
We have around 70 different types of lollies (aka Candy in the US) which customers can individually select.
For those that don't want to wait, we pre-fill $2 bags.  This is how the bags are filled.
We decide a nice selection of lollies that combined equal $2 and then hand fill the bags. It's all very personal.

The hardest part?
Not sneaking in a lolly while packing the bags.

06 July, 2013

Christmas in July - book now!

This Pudding is maturing as we speak...
We will be having our Traditional Christmas in July on Friday evening, 26 July.
A selection of Entrees, a main meal of tantalising glazed ham and glazed turkey with roast potatoes and vegetables, followed by a home made Christmas pudding served with custard and ice cream (of course).
Join the friendly locals as they share a BYO bottle or two of appropriately selected drinks.
Bookings are essential.  We have over 30 people booked in already.  Call the store today on 4884 4340 to make your booking.

02 July, 2013

Wingello Village News July 2013

Wingello Village News for July 2013 is out.

Highlights for the month:
Bush Dance news
Power will be out in the village
Lots of Rain
Christmas in July - almost here.

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24 June, 2013

We Love Wingello - Entry in My Southern Highlands promotion

Hearts - and heads - spinning in Casburn Park Wingello
We have loaded a "We Love Wingello" slideshow entry into the Southern Highlands Tourism "Share your love of the Highlands"promotion. 
Click here to view and Click here to vote.
The promotion is run to increase awareness of the joys of living in the Southern Highlands.
We created a slide show with snapshots of lots of people enjoying life in Wingello - the entrance to the Southern Highlands.

22 June, 2013

It's never too cold for Husky sled racing

Racing to the finish
Wingello State Forest hosted the Siberian Husky Club of NSW with a chilly start to the day.   This is just as well as the Husky dogs don't race unless it is less than 15C - which it certainly was this morning.
The forest camp site was temporary home to all the families attending and their dogs, with everyone gathered around their fires until the races were ready to start.
A very excited little girl getting a ride

Dad helping the kids get a ride too
As we don't have snow, the sleds are basically scooters whereby the riders can only control through applying brakes (downhill) or foot power (uphill).  It is interesting watching the dogs as the race is about to start. They are so eager to go they are bouncing up and down and when they hear "Go!" they leap forward and start running as fast as they can. The sled "pilot" may have a quick foot pedal or two and they are zooming away along behind the dog or dogs.

There are also children's races "Peewee" where an adult is on the three wheel sled helping the children in their race.
We heard one child asking her dad as they were racing downhill, "Why are the brakes on daddy?"
"Because we can't crash into the dogs." he replied, but I am not sure if the child was really satisfied with the answer.

15 June, 2013

Wingello Crop Swap II

Wingello has big pumpkins

Quince Paste done right
The second Wingello Crop Swap went very well with double the numbers from last time. James, vegetables, preserves, flowers and more grown and made in Wingello then suitably swapped around so everyone went home with something special.
Well done Annabelle.
The next Wingello Crop Swap will be based on home made soups.  Just at the best time to keep one warm in Winter.

13 June, 2013

Wingello Volunteers 1 - Therese

Therese Stopping Traffic
Many people in Wingello give their time and talents back to the community in so many different ways.  This is the first in a series highlighting some of these many ways.
The bicycle race that went through WIngello last weekend needed someone to assist  with traffic control so Therese volunteered. Although the sign may not be in the happiest condition, Therese - as usual - gave a smile to all that had to wait for the bikes.  You could say her smile stopped the traffic.

10 June, 2013

Family Bushdance on 22 June

Saturday 22 June at 6pm
Wingello and Penrose Community Groups are co-hosting a Family Bush Dance at the Wingello Hall.  No worries about the weather as the hall is heated.

  • Adults $10
  • Student/Child $5
  • Family $25

The Paddys River Bush Band will be playing and calling the dances.  All are welcome, no experience necessary.
A delicious Country Supper is provided.
Prizes for best Bush Costume - Adult and Child.
Also Lucky Door prize, Raffle Prizes and Spot Prizes.
Admission tickets are available at Wingello and Penrose stores.
Get your tickets early to assist with catering!

09 June, 2013

All on for the Queen's Birthday weekend

Liam in action
Today was a very busy day at the shop with visitors and locals dropping in throughout the day for food and coffee.
When we thought it was all over for the day, a group of bike riders gave us an alleged 10 minute warning they were coming in.  Ariel quickly called Lana and David and by the time the reinforcements arrived it was all on again.
Thanks for the warning guys!

08 June, 2013

Our Village Our Future launch next Saturday

The "Our Village Our Future" project will be officially launched by Jason Gordon (Wingecarribee Shire Council General Manager) next Saturday (15 June) at 9:45am at the Village Hall.  Morning Tea will be provided.
This is when the Crop Swap is on at the hall too.

The "Our Village Our Future" project is a test project implemented by the Council for Wingello and Balmoral villages.  The plan is to get community involvement in specific projects the community has selected to improve the life of the villagers.
There have been a number of public meetings and consultation with council to determine priorities and work out where to spend the money that has been set aside for the project.
A direct result of the consultations was the map showing all the street numbers in the village (now on display in the Wingello Village Store). This map has been very helpful for residents, and the various couriers, drivers and tradesmen trying to find people in Wingello.
Be there and be part of the council's positive effort at working with our village.

Enjoying the Scenery Riding through Wingello

The leader of the race passing through Wingello
We often have bicycle riders enjoying the Southern Highlands roads and passing through Wingello. Today was a beautiful Winter's day with the Sun shining and a minimal breeze.
The Southern Highlands Cycling Club and one of the Goulburn cycling clubs join together to make a fun race from Bundanoon to Tallong and back.
You can see from the photo what a lovely day it was for a bike race.

Mmmm. Mushrooms.

A spoon is needed to pour it out.
Friday night is BYO Restaurant Night at the store. We have a 4 week cycle of dinners and tonight was our signature "Very Mushroomy Creamy Mushroom sauce".  We serve the sauce in a gravy boat so our customers can pour it on to their chicken or Angus schnitzels.
Well, by "pour" we mean "Spoon" because there are so many mushrooms cooked down into a very thick rich creamy sauce that it doesn't pour properly.  That is why we took the photo so you could tell for yourself.

01 June, 2013

Wingello Village News June 2013

Wingello Village News June 2013
Wingello Village News for June 2013 is out.

Horse Endurance Ride was fun
Bush Dance 22 June
Produce Swap 15 June
New package scanning at Wingello Post Office
Book for Christmas in July - Friday 26 July

Un Named Cafe Menu v3 is out!

Our latest menu for the Un Named Cafe has now been released. We have a great selection of food, coffee, milk shakes and other treats. Click on the menu to see the full thing!

01 May, 2013

Wingello Village News May 2013

Wingello Village News May 2013
Wingello Village News for May 2013 is out.

What is the Wingello Community?
Community Coffee Deal - only $3 for a regular dine in cup of coffee of hot chocolate.

01 February, 2013

Wingello Village News February 2013

Wingello Village News February 2013
Wingello Village News for February 2013 is out.

More restructuring at the shop giving more room for popular cafe and dining.
Clean Up day planned

01 January, 2013