08 August, 2011

Engaged Buddhists Open Day

Sunday 11 September 2011
Vejjasala or Place of Healing is a new project of the Association of Engaged Buddhists which is to be opened officially on Sunday 11th of September 2011.
All are warmly welcome and invited to attend.
Vejjasala, which is located on a beautiful property at 219 Forest Road Wingello is a special small scale retreat centre dedicated to helping people when they face serious illness, grief and loss in their lives.
The centre is made available to anyone (not just Buddhists) who finds themselves dealing with serious illness.
The centre is run and staffed by volunteers under the guidance of our resident teacher Bhante Tejadhammo.
Bhante is an Australian born monk who has been involved in this work for more than 20 years.
Bhante’s own ancestors were pioneers in the area of Paddy’s River, Bundanoon and Sutton Forest, having arrived from Ireland in 1851.
Many of them are buried in the small cemetery at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church at Sutton Forest built around 1880.
10:30 am Start with a brief welcome to all guests
Chanting followed by short meditation.
11:00 am Offering of Dana to Sangha members (monks and nuns) & shared lunch for the community and all welcome guests & visitors.
12:30 pm Official opening with a special Dhamma Desana & brief speeches followed by formal processional blessing by Sangha and all present. (weather permitting)
2:00 pm Conclusion of all formalities
Informal afternoon tea & guided walks
Time for people to just enjoy being here!

01 August, 2011

Wingello Community Meal July 2011

Our Christmas in July Community Dinner was very successful.  We had glazed ham and turkey with Christmas puddings as well as enjoyable company making for a great night.
For the next community dinner we will be celebrating “Spring Carnival” on Friday 23 September.
Dress up, enjoy a great meal and fun company and even BYO.

Wingello Village News August 2011

Wingello Village News August 2011
Wingello Village News for August 2011 is out.

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Engaged Buddhists Open Day