29 November, 2014

Wingello Village News December 2014

The latest Wingello Village News is out on after this busy Wingello November.

Eric survives dangerous crash!
Tough Mudder success.
New council work on Hall and gardens
More Fire Brigade events and news.

A full photo filled post on the Tough Mudder can be found at:

Tough Mudder was huge!

We're men.  Manly Men. Only the toughest survive.
The Tough Mudder has come and gone.  Over 10,000 people have discovered Wingello, gotten wet, muddy and tired, grinned a lot and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  What more could anyone want?
We visited on the Saturday and took many photos.  This article is a selection to give you a taste of what the day was all about.
Thank you to Simon Badway for all the long days and many hours he has spent in co-ordinating, cajoling, convincing, calling, sighing and persevering.  Amazingly, Simon still had enough energy to compete in the actual Tough Mudder as well.
This event worked out very well for Wingello, despite some fears that so many visitors could bring the village to a stand still. However, the planning ensured that the negative impact on the village was very low.

Honesty in advertising.
As the course was at the end of Nandi road, most cars came down Murrimba Road and then along Nandi Road.  Therefore even at the worst peak times, locals knew all the back ways and could avoid the waiting to get to their homes and be on their way.  The Wingello Rural Fire Brigade did an amazing job of finding parking places for an estimated 2,000 or so vehicles.
Local accommodation was all booked solid and all restaurants and eateries in the area had great custom for the weekend.

Right at the end - the final shock!
The Sally's Corner McDonalds were slammed on Saturday evening as so many of the first day participants thought they would just drop in there on the way home.  The Wingello Store was busy but far more relaxed with a lovely meal for those that were in less of a rush to get home.
The Wingello Rural Fire Brigade entered a team and they successfully completed the course.  Exhausted but successful.
Liam and Eric of the Wingello Village store also entered.  Liam was in fine physical shape and completed the course in a very satisfactory time.
Eric and his friend Tristen, however, had no training or preparation and they walked between each obstacle.  But they successfully completed the course, with a lot of mutual assistance from each other and many of their fellow Mudderers.
Perhaps this was not the best location for a business meeting.

There are no clocks on site and participants are not timed.  The event is NOT a race, just an endurance obstacle course where the aim is to work together and get to the end.  In light of that many teams adopted a variety of uniforms. Some were more practical, with light, sporty type gear, and others less so. Tu-tus were popular for some reason.
Business suits, Egyptian head gear, batman costumes and others certainly added to the fun of the day.
At the end, the best or worst costumes all ended up the same.  Wet, dirty and well worn.

Enjoy this photo journal!  If you see yourself and would like a copy of a photo, just let us know in the comments.
The Wingello Fire Brigade is not scared of flames!

Wingello Rural Fire Brigade - they can do anything!

Lucy - Works at the store, fights fires and more.

Pink was a great choice.  Now Maroon is a much better colour.

Tristen and Eric really needed a shower!

Liam is ready to go around again!

All these pallets of ice were added to the "Arctic Enema" obstacle.

The expressions tell it all.  Cold!

Mud, tube, mud, slide.  Next.

Appropriately named Mud Mile. Each wall of mud had to be crossed.

Everyone needs their fair share of mud.

That obstacle's done!  Success! Next!

Snax on Trax providing great coffee and snacks (and smiles) to spectators.

More protective clothing would have helped for the final shocking stage.

Lifeguards were on duty at all water obstacles.

As were the fire brigade at all fire based obstacles.

Happy to have made it to the end. Slow but successful.

No one can resist the lolly selection at the Wingello Store! Mwahaha.

Just a few cars on the way to the Tough Mudder.

The Fire Brigade called on all members to help!

The right tool for minor modifications to obstacles.

Yep. Tutus are classed as safety gear.

The initial pep talk to get everyone in the correct frame of mind.

Buy this.  Buy that. Survive.

More Tu-tu based safety gear.

Mo Bros from the WIngello Rural Fire Brigade

Walk like an Egyptian.

10 November, 2014

Tough Mudder is coming to Wingello

A beginner Tough Mudder
A Tough Mudder Weekend

15 to 16 November 2014

With thousands of people descending on Wingello in a quest for adventure in the Southern Highlands Tough Mudder, we will be open much longer hours providing our famous great food and coffee.

Opening Hours:
Friday: 7:30am to 9:00pm
Saturday:  7:30am to 9:00pm
Sunday: 7:30am to 2:30pm (or later until customers stop)

What’s on the menu?
Our normal menu during the day, but with the option of a special dinner and dessert on Friday and Saturday:
Friday: A selection of entrees, Roast Beef dinner (served with roast potatoes and vegetables), and moist Carrot Cake for dessert. 
Saturday: A selection of entrees, a choice of Beef Lasagne or Vegetarian Lasagne, with Fruit Salad with ice cream for dessert.

This 3 course Dinner is only $25 a head, with entree being served from 6:30pm.

04 November, 2014

Wingello Village News November 2014

The latest Wingello Village News is out on this start to a busy WIngello November.

1,000s of bike riders and Tough Mudders are coming to town
Markers film has been sent to Sundance Film Festival
Lots of great dinners this month
More Fire Brigade events and news.