19 September, 2011

Visitors from the past

Vintage Cars will be visiting Wingello on Sunday 25 September
On Sunday 25 September a collection of classic Vintage cars owned by members of The Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia will be at the Store.
While the owners are enjoying a great breakfast, the cars will be parked in the recently upgraded back yard of the store and visitors are welcome to have a look at these very well maintained vehicles.
The owners of the pictured vehicle were able to tell us a fascinating story of the history if this 1926 car and how it made its way from being new in England, to poor condition in Queensland and finally to lovingly restored here in the Southern Highlands.
Pop in and have a look.

02 September, 2011

Pru Goward supports Level Crossing

A great photo of the Wingello Train lines 
by Michelle Luke

Our local MP Pru Goward visited the Wingello Village Store on Saturday 20 August to meet with constituents.
It was an opportunity for Barry Shine, Chairman of the recently formed Wingello Progress Association to raise the issue of the need for safety improvements at the level crossing.
Ms Goward was immediately supportive and has promised to personally  see that all three departments involved (Rail, Roads and Council) are contacted and urged to take action on the upgrading to improve the safety, particularly in view of the growing number of children in the area. However, Ms Goward did warn that it can take about eighteen months to obtain a satisfactory outcome.

01 September, 2011

Fire Brigade News - Sep 2011

Tess and Lucy trying to hide during the clean up day.

As you may have seen, new radio mast and antennas have been erected and are ready to be put into service. These will improve the reception of the brigade’s communications systems to and from the fire control center and also the mobile and portable radios that are used in every vehicle and in the field. Many thanks to Simon Dickson for helping us with the erection of the mast and also some additional excavation.
A clean up day was held at the Station recently and the station truck and work bays are looking good thanks to the guys and girls that helped with all the work.
Also thanks to Paul Spackman who has been doing some plumbing for us for our new wash down bay for the CABA crew.
The Wingello Rural Fire Brigade is having an Open Day at the fire station on the 24th September. Visit your station and see the work the volunteers have been doing and meet up with your local volunteer men and woman Firies .  There will even be plenty of goodies for the little ones.

Wingello Village News September 2011

Wingello Village News September 2011
Wingello Village News for September 2011 is out.

Vintage Cars in Wingello
Pru Goward backs crossing upgrade