06 April, 2014

Loosely Woven in Wingello

After meeting up at the Wingello Store for a coffee and some simply good food, the musical group Loosely Woven performed for a good crowd of local Wingello and Penrose people. The event was organised by the Wingello and Penrose Hall committees and for the incredibly generous gold coin donation we were entertained by great music and a fun performance.
You could tell this group of talented people really enjoyed themselves.  They had fun.
And when they had fun, the audience caught the feeling and had fun too.  The music was a broad selection to appeal to all listeners.
This post is a collection of photos from the first half of the event as I had to assist with the store during the second half.
Thank you to all of the members of Loosely Woven and the Wingello and Penrose Hall committees for putting on such a good value afternoon of fun and entertainment.

05 April, 2014

Wingello Village News April 2014

Wingello Village News for April 2014 is out.

Highlights for the month:

Wingello is Great
Easter Times
Store Upgrades
Friday Night Chef Special dinners
Fire Brigade News

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