31 December, 2020

Wingello Village News - January 2021

The Wingello Village News is here for January 2021.
Happy New Year. It's great seeing great clouds filled with moisture and not smoke!

See this month's  Wingello Village News.
This is the 143rd monthly newsletter.

What's happening this month:
  • We remember the dramatic events on 4 January 2020 when out of control bush fires swept through Wingello.
      Lastly, don't forget our weekday store opening times:
      We open at 7:30am and close at 4:00pm.

      Other articles published during the month:


      21 December, 2020

      Wingello Business College


      Over the last almost 12 years we have been helping young people obtain suitable qualifications for a great start to their working lives. Our staff have completed 13 certificate or diploma level qualifications in that time and now Sebastian and Rose are working on their Level III Certificates in Retail.

      A Level III Certificate is a higher qualification than HSC and can be used as a pre-requisite to get into university as two of our staff have done.

      The work based traineeships are part of the official apprentice/trainee programs supported by various levels of government support over the years. The employer and trainee sign agreements with the Apprenticeships organisation and an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the Certificate III normally takes about 12 to 24 months to complete. All the units are assessed and every couple of months the RTO visits and goes through the completed units and assigns the next ones.

      The work we do at the store is quite broad - retail, post office, restaurant and cafe - and covers all the important areas of food and workplace health and safety, marketing, presentation, basic accounting and business skills, customer service and more. This makes the training very practical and both us and the employee benefit by combining the theory and practice.

      As all our full time staff have previously completed their studies, they are able to assist the latest trainees with their turn.

      06 December, 2020

      Wingello Village News December 2020

      The Wingello Village News is here for December 2020.
      See this month's  Wingello Village News.
      This is the 142nd monthly newsletter.

      What's happening this month:
      • Council still hasn't learned that dead trees burn
      • Be ready for memories of the fires to pop up
      • Concert was great
      • Fire Brigade very busy with fallen trees
      • Father Christmas will be back on Christmas Eve.
          Lastly, don't forget our weekday store opening times:
          We open at 7:30am and close at 4:00pm.


          01 November, 2020

          Wingello Village News - November 2020

          The Wingello Village News is here for November 2020.
          See this month's  Wingello Village News.
          This is the 141st monthly newsletter.

          What's happening this month:
          • Rain and Sun make for a great Spring
          • Cicadas and Magpies are out
          • Dead Burnt Pine trees are disappearing. Yay!
          • Parcels, Parcels, Parcels - getting ready for Christmas
          • Wingello Public School news
          • Fire Brigade is getting ready for Summer.
              Lastly, don't forget our new weekday store opening times:
              We open at 7:30am and close at 4:00pm.


              04 October, 2020

              Wingello Village News - October 2020

              The Wingello Village News is here for October 2020.
              See this month's  Wingello Village News.
              This is the 140th monthly newsletter.

              What's happening this month:
              • Say G'day. It's an Australian thing.
              • Snap Send Solve  is working. Report all clean up tasks to our Council
              • Wingello Public School news
              • Fire Brigade is providing plenty of great information for villagers about home preparation.
                  Lastly, don't forget our new weekday store opening times:
                  We open at 7:30am and close at 4:00pm.

                  Additional news this month:


                  16 September, 2020

                  Graffiti is NOT a victimless crime


                  On late Sunday night/Monday morning vandals struck Wingello and sprayed or painted Graffiti on most public buildings and signs. The train station, bus shelters, fire station, park signs, village hall and Wingello Village Store were hit. It appears as if the work was interrupted when they reached the store as we only had a few dots showing they started but then left.

                  This is the first time in memory Wingello has been hit with this type of vandalism and is is important to understand the impact this has.

                  One would have thought in this time of COVID-19 the vandals would have stayed home and "tagged" or sprayed graffiti on their own homes!

                  We take justifiable pride in the visual beauty of our little village. In January we were hit with devastating fires which destroyed a dozen homes and many properties. The villagers have spent the last nine months clearing, rebuilding and regrowing getting a semblance of normality back in our lives as we prepare for the new upcoming bushfire season.
                  A bright spot was the great result that all our public buildings were spared any damage from the ravaging fires. Until now.
                  It is difficult to understand the reasons for people that spray rubbish on public spaces. There is no artistic value, no statement of belief, just an infantile scribble saying "I was here!"
                  It's a bit like a toddler discovering that markers work really well on the walls in the hallway at home. There is similar artistic ability and a similar respect for simple beauty. But toddlers have an excuse. They have not learnt the proper boundaries for living in civilisation.
                  Somehow these vandals missed on those important life lessons as toddlers and don't seem to have advanced in their understanding since then. 
                  But I hear people say, "It is just youth expressing themselves. Nothing was broken. We can't be too hard on these young people."
                  Now that is the problem right there.
                  Graffiti is NOT a victimless crime.
                  Leaving it on display basically lets everyone know we don't care about our surroundings. Why bother cleaning up the rubbish or repairing broken windows or fences if we can't maintain them ourselves. How can we get the council, or railways or any other public bodies to invest time and effort if we don't care about our village?
                  So to bring our village back to where we can enjoy the visual simplicity of our amenities, resources and costs have to be diverted to undo the visual damage.
                  The Village Store already cleared up their damage after spending money on anti-graffiti spray and time to apply the solution. The same for the fire brigade who would rather be preparing for more important things like training the fine batch of volunteers that have just joined the brigade.
                  The Council now has to clean up the hall and park and the Railway maintenance crews have to divert resources to clean up the marvellously restored and maintained historical railway station.
                  These costs and resources have meant other activities are delayed or costs are increased.
                  We are very fortunate that our village has such a good group of residents who care about Wingello. They are not impressed by the insult imposed on the village and hope that the lovely video footage of the vandals and all the evidence they left behind can assist the Police catching up with the fools. 
                  But we are resilient after surviving the fires, working together through the challenges of the COVID-19 impact and are getting ready for whatever life throws at us. 
                  It is great being able to call a place like Wingello "Home".

                  31 August, 2020

                  Wingello Village News September 2020

                  The Wingello Village News is here for September 2020.
                  See this month's  Wingello Village News.
                  This is the 139th monthly newsletter.

                  What's happening this month:
                  • Everyone is cleaning up and preparing for Summer. Are you?
                  • Get Snap Send Solve and report all clean up tasks to our Council
                  • Wingello Public School news
                  • Fire Brigade is providing plenty of great information for villagers about home preparation.
                      Lastly, don't forget our new weekday store opening times:
                      We open at 7:30am and close at 4:00pm.


                      01 August, 2020

                      Wingello Village News August 2020

                      The Wingello Village News is here for August 2020.
                      See this month's  Wingello Village News.
                      This is the 138th monthly newsletter.

                      What's happening this month:
                      • Apply for Bushfire support before it's too late
                      • Wingello Bush Fire Relief fund is open
                      • Store Open until 7:00pm on Fridays
                      • Wingello Public School news
                      • Wingello Village Association activities
                      • The Stonemason's Trail is open
                      • Fire Brigade is training lots of new volunteers
                          Coronavirus is still with us and we are taking appropriate precautions:

                          Keeping COVID Safe in Wingello
                          All about The Stonemason's Trail

                          Lastly, don't forget our new weekday store opening times:
                          We open at 7:30am and close at 4:00pm.
                          Fridays we go to 7:00pm so you can end the week with some yummy food from the store.


                          25 July, 2020

                          Keeping COVID Safe in Wingello

                          We're still ready
                          The latest rules from NSW Health have been posted on their web site which means we need to add a little bit to our already COVID-19 Safe procedures. We understand that the best ways to slow or stop the spread of the virus (and even the common flu) is to maintain distance, wash hands and clean surfaces regularly. We have been doing these common sense processes since March.
                          Here are all the steps we are doing at the Wingello Store in line with NSW Health rules:
                          • The floor stickers are back. These let you know how far 1.5m (5 feet) is. There is plenty of room in the store to keep a safe distance, but still catch up with local news.
                          • All customers dining in need to fill in the COVID-19 contact sheet. This is maintained for each day and will only be used IF there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the store. At present there are NO known COVID-19 cases in our postcode 2579 (Bundanoon through to Marulan). Each person needs to write their name and contact number. Take-away or general customers do not need to sign in.
                          Contact list right next to the hand sanitiser
                          • Hand Sanitiser is available for all customers and visitors on the main counter and the Post Office bench. Most of this has been provided by Australia Post as part of their ongoing efforts to keep staff and customers safe.
                          • There is much greater than 1.5m (5 feet) distance between tables inside and outside the store. The central bench has no chairs, but it does serve as a good physical distancing device.
                          • Groups dining in can be no larger than 10 people.
                          • NSW Health asks for one dedicated COVID-19 Safety Marshall. ALL our staff are trained in what is required and we all will be ensuring that safe procedures are being followed, tables and menus are cleaned and sanitised and so on.
                          • Under the 4m2 rule, we can have 20 people inside and 20 or more outside. Also, most of our eating areas are separated making our store even better.
                          • We registered as a COVID Safe business 2 weeks ago.
                          • Menus are provided by us at the main counter. When returned they are cleaned and sanitized.
                          • Salt, pepper, sugar, sauces and other condiments are provided as required and once returned are cleaned. The tables are pretty boring now.
                          We continue to take our responsibility as the Post Office and Village Store seriously and always work to ensure the safety of all our staff and customers, not only in regards to the current virus, but also food and work safety.
                          Thank you to everyone for your great support!

                          18 July, 2020

                          The Stonemason's Trail

                          Since 2004 Ken McDonald has been creating artistic features throughout the Southern villages of the Southern Highlands in NSW. From solid pieces of local Sandstone Ken has shown his ability to draw out incredible images of local flora and fauna.
                          In July 2020 we have created The Stonemason's Trail for visitors to the Southern Highlands to experience these sandstone pieces of art up close.
                          Take your time and enjoy the lovely scenery as you explore the local animals and plants immortalised in sandstone starting in Wingello, through Penrose and ending in Bundanoon (in reverse works too).

                          Kenneth the Cockatoo

                          1. Kenneth the Cockatoo

                          Wingello Village Store

                          WingelloVillage Store hosts the largest carving of the collection - a 2 metre tall carving of the local Wingello yellow-tailed black cockatoo hungrily attacking a banksia nut. Detailed front and back, starting as two dimensional at the bottom and ending three dimensional right around the top you can almost hear the cocky gnawing away at the banksia tree nut. It is in the perfect position to see all the fine detail in the stone.
                          Christmas Beetle

                          2. Christmas Beetle

                          Penrose Public School

                          While sitting at his table one Summer, the inspiration for this bug crawled into Ken’s kitchen. It started as a scrap piece of stone from the quarry and was donated to the school by Ken for the children’s education and enjoyment.
                          It is in the gardens of the primary school.

                          Elizabeth the Lizard

                          3. Elizabeth Lizard 

                          Penrose Road/Willis St, Bundanoon 

                          Sponsored by Bundanoon Sandstone, this took over a fortnight to create in 2005. It started as huge 9 ft tall block until Ken discovered a crack after 2 hours work! “Lizzy" was a Bundanoon Community Association (BCA) idea.

                          4. Banksia Serata

                          Nancy Kingsbury Memorial Park

                          A native carving was desired and this lovely carving of the Banksia Serata fit the bill.
                          Gangang Cockatoo

                          5. Gangang Cockatoo

                          Bundanoon Train Station

                          The BCA wanted a Cockatoo carved out of stone. Once more Bundanoon Sandstone sponsored this work of art.
                          Wallace the Wombat

                          6. Wallace the Wombat

                          Railway Ave/Brigadoon Drive

                          Wallace is very popular and is often decorated at various times during the year.
                          A lot of persuasion was put on Ken to make another wombat. The base was an interesting piece of stone lost at the back of the quarry.
                          Lyre Bird

                          7. Lyre Bird

                          Railway Ave/Erith Road

                          The Lyre Bird was the first crafted in this series, created in 2004. Ken went through over 10,500 images of Lyre birds on the internet, followed by 362 drawings to get the right inspiration. It takes a lot of work to get something this effective.

                          8. Edna the Echidna

                          Welcome to Bundanoon

                          In 2008 Ken had a severe attack of shingles and lost over 30% of his body weight. But he was still able to complete this Echidna which is very popular with the children.
                          This was the idea of the Bundanoon Green Team.

                          About the Stonemason's Trail

                          The Stonemason's Trail is sponsored and created by the Bruggeman family of the Wingello Village Store. We have enjoyed the many sculptures created by Ken and wanted others to share that enjoyment.
                          You can start the trail from the North or South and travel along a straight route. The map shows which side of the road the statue is placed.
                          Ken posing with Wallace the Wombat at Christmas
                          Ken McDonald has been local in the Southern Highlands all his life. If you get the chance and meet him in the area, shout him a coffee or drink and let him regale you with his fascinating stories about his life in the Highlands.