14 May, 2020

We're back and ready for Breakfasts

Welcome home
We are ready for the re-opening stage of the Coronavirus restrictions.
The floors are all beautifully polished (Thanks Danny!) and the front walls are patched and repainted too (Thanks Brendan and Sebastian!).
The temporary changes where everyone used the side doors are now a pleasant memory and we have access to all our store.
The first stage of the Coronavirus reopening restrictions means we are limited to only 10 people dining in at any one time. We still have full takeaway. Under the 1 person per 4 square metre rule we could fit 20 people in the store, so 10 people is easy. We have arranged tables so there is plenty of space.
Our safety measures include:

  • Our menus will be handed to customers and once the order is placed, the menus will be sanitised with appropriate alcohol based sanitiser.
  • We have a white board recording how many are currently dining in. When it gets to 10, it's take away and as people leave, we can accept more in-store dining.
  • Our dishwasher is magnificent and cleans the plates and cutlery with water so hot that it steams upon exit and they dry themselves.
  • We will continue to regularly wipe down surfaces and common areas.
  • There is plenty of space to maintain the 1.5m "Social" distancing. It is really physical distancing as we are a pretty social lot and chatting from 5 feet apart is still quite friendly.

Grande Breakfast
Now we can dine in, our breakfasts are back on the menu. We know many of you have been waiting for a real breakfast for a while and we will be ready from 7:30am Friday morning 15 May.

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