28 September, 2021

Wingello Village Store is open for all.

The people of NSW have been given a plan for the re-opening of our economy.

Wingello Village Store provides many essential services including:

  • Post Office
  • Banking
  • Groceries
  • Newspapers
  • Fuel
  • Great Food

The medical segregation rules regarding "Vaccine Passports" do not apply to essential businesses.

For now, we will continue to only provide takeaway food and coffee. 

Dining In will remain unavailable until all our customers can participate. We have never discriminated against customers regardless of physical, religious or medical grounds and do not intend to start now.

If all goes according to plan, 1st December will be the time for everyone to be able to once more partake of our famous real breakfasts and burgers and enjoy dining in together.

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