21 December, 2020

Wingello Business College


Over the last almost 12 years we have been helping young people obtain suitable qualifications for a great start to their working lives. Our staff have completed 13 certificate or diploma level qualifications in that time and now Sebastian and Rose are working on their Level III Certificates in Retail.

A Level III Certificate is a higher qualification than HSC and can be used as a pre-requisite to get into university as two of our staff have done.

The work based traineeships are part of the official apprentice/trainee programs supported by various levels of government support over the years. The employer and trainee sign agreements with the Apprenticeships organisation and an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the Certificate III normally takes about 12 to 24 months to complete. All the units are assessed and every couple of months the RTO visits and goes through the completed units and assigns the next ones.

The work we do at the store is quite broad - retail, post office, restaurant and cafe - and covers all the important areas of food and workplace health and safety, marketing, presentation, basic accounting and business skills, customer service and more. This makes the training very practical and both us and the employee benefit by combining the theory and practice.

As all our full time staff have previously completed their studies, they are able to assist the latest trainees with their turn.

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