25 March, 2020

How we are handling the Coronvirus Restriction - 24 March 2020

Cleaning, distance and safety
The Prime Minister announced a new round of restrictions we are to follow in an attempt to contain the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).
Basically everywhere that groups gather has been cancelled. The key line is "Stay at home unless for Groceries, Exercise, Medical needs, Care/Support, Work that cannot be done from home."

At the Wingello Village Store we continue to supply essential services of:

  • Post Office
  • Banking
  • Groceries (Bread, Milk, basic supplies)
  • Newsagency
  • Take Away food

The latest directive by press release
To make sure everyone remains safe under the NSW Health recommend protocols we are:

  • Wiping down all surfaces on a regular basis
  • Dedicated person handling cash and mail.
  • Crosses on floor to mark 1.5m (5 feet) distance (Social Distancing)
  • Anyone with flu symptoms is not permitted in the store.

This means the outside dining areas are closed.
You can contact us by

  • Phone (02 4884 4340) or 
  • Email (wingello@gmail.com) or 
  • Messenger @TheWingelloVillageStore

If you have a Post Office Box here, you can sign up for Mail2Day which means you will get an email letting you know you have mail in your PO Box. It is a free service.
We still have a few small PO Boxes available. If you hand in the application form here, we can arrange a reduced fee rate of only $40 a year plus a $20 establishment fee. Don't apply online or you will be charged the full rate of $135 plus $20!

We have regular deliveries of bread, milk, meat, eggs and other supplies.
You can order from Marulan Meats and they deliver here on Wednesday and Friday.
If you want to ensure bread, let us know by 1pm on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday as Bryants delivers to us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We can continue to support you so long as everyone supports us. That way everyone wins in these challenging times.

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