02 February, 2020

Wingello Fire - 4 weeks on

That's a lot of burnt trees

You can see how the fire raced into Wingello
In order to reflect on Wingello four weeks after the fire raced through on 4 January, I was able to get some drone footage of the village from a good friend. This was taken on Wednesday 29th January and nothing has changed since then. I have loaded the higher quality photos here so you can click them to see the larger versions.
Looking at the extent of burned trees and their pincer like thrusts in to the village I am more convinced than ever that naming this "The Miracle of Wingello" is pretty accurate.
The people of Wingello are doing their best to recover from the night of fire. Those who have lost houses are understandably keeping to themselves as they work through all their options and plans for the coming months and years. Many in the village have been doing their best to give them all the help they can.
Those who lost almost everything except for their houses are also finding things difficult.
A lot of assistance is either means tested or depends on you losing the house. Others have quite a few hoops or conditions.
Thankfully, St Vincent De Paul Society and The Lions Club have been very helpful with great person to person financial assistance, and other local people based charities are also stepping in to help with practical support.
In the coming months, especially once the rains return, we have offers of help from many people to provide the labour we need to rebuild and replant and revitalise Wingello.
Have a good look at these photos to see what a close call we had on 4 January.

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Unknown said...

thank you very much. this is a historical photo. Do you mind to ask your friend to take photo of the Teudts road, Bundanoon. Our monastery was hit by the fire twice, on 10 and 23 jan 2020. thanks.Kim