08 May, 2019

What's the blue police box for?

Where did this come from?
Now that the mysterious blue police box has appeared at the Wingello Village Store we have been asked, "What is it for?" and "How long will it be here?".

It is now a permanent feature and is firmly in place.
We have always wanted this particular attraction and have been planning for it for some years. When the side fence and gate was installed we made sure the open gate would leave room for just the right space.
When we added outside lights in that area we left that area free.
Finally the space is filled.
We want visitors to Wingello to have a great experience. This attraction is just begging for a photo and an opportunity to dress up or pose with a traditional British blue phone box. The doors open and the inside wall will gradually be filled with photos that people have taken.
Anyone that takes a photo can send it to us as a 4 x 6 scaled photo. We can add the month and year and a short title. These will be laminated and placed along the walls. Over time, the inside of the box will be filled with a slice of history, and in years to come will be a step back in time.

The perfect place for a large blue police box.
You can see from the first photo we have taken, Rose dressed in clothes appropriate to around when the store first started back in the 1880's and we fiddled with the colours too.
Expect lots more photos as imagination begins to take hold!

So why did we do it? Because it's fun and brings smiles to those who have seen it.
A step back in Time.


Unknown said...

Now, wouldn't it be fun to have images of all the Doctors available to hire, where a person could stand behind and put their face through a hole. Just like was done back in the day.
Or. A full image where the good Doctor would have his hand out for a handshake or an arm around you in front of The Tardis.

Wingello Village Store said...

One never knows!