15 October, 2011

How does the mail work in Wingello?

Wingello is a fully featured Licensed Post Office.  We are not large enough to have Australia Post Electronic Services - we are one of over 300 manual Post Offices around the country.
Mail arrives Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 8:15am.  The letters are then sorted into each resident’s mail folder or PO Box, then parcels are recorded and a red card placed in the appropriate folder or PO Box.
As you know, Wingello is tricky for addresses.  Some streets have alternate names, numbers may be duplicated and some have almost random lot numbers or house names.  We have no choice but to go by names which we match to addresses where we can.  To assist in this matching process we maintain a database of names and addresses which has helped us in delivery.
If you are new to the area, let us know who you are.  If we can’t find a match on the name, mail will be Returned to Sender after 2 weeks.
If you complete a Bill Pay by 3:00pm, it will be included in our reports which are included in the daily mail.  This is sent to the processing area in Melbourne where the details are recorded and the billers are notified.  Although this may take 2 to 3 days between payment time and notification, the official Wingello Post Office stamp serves as proof of payment.  We also take phone calls from billers if they require confirmation sooner.
At 3:45pm the mail is picked up and taken to the Bowral processing centre.  From here it is sent all over Australia and Internationally.
Sometimes mail is delayed.  But as you can see by our timing above, it is caught up in the system outside of Wingello.  We do not hold onto mail.

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