11 April, 2011

Robertson Show 2011 Winners Again

Yummy.  Served with Jam and Cream.

Eric’s scones once more won first prize for Scones.
Lana won first prize for her Muffins and biscuits.
This is not surprising to all those who have enjoyed these delights at the shop, but it is good to have confirmation!
The Robertson Show was very enjoyable.  Even very heavy rain in the afternoon didn’t stop the show.  When asked if they should change anything because of the rain, organisers looked at each other and said, “Nah.  This is Robertson.  Rain is part of the Show.”
The parking control people had their 4WD vehicles ready to pull vehicles through the exit (like they needed to for our Transit van).
So whether an award was won or not, all that attended the Show were winners.

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