11 April, 2011

Passion Play Open to all

15 Minutes from Wingello is the Pauline Fathers Catholic Monastery.  You may not realise that at a country spot on Hanging Rock Road is a monastery and Church that seats 800!  The monastery started with a tin shed in 1984 and over the last 27 years has grown quite a lot.
Every year on Good Friday they have a Passion Play, where a cast of actors play all the parts of the Passion of Jesus Christ - that is the history from when Jesus was hailed as a King on Palm Sunday through to his Crucifixion on Good Friday.
It is a great experience and open to all.  There will be over 1,000 people attending to watch and walk along as the play starts at the entrance and moves from scene to scene until it ends at the grotto.
The play starts at 11:00am.  You should plan to be there at about 10:30 to get a car park and be part of the experience.

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