11 April, 2011

Engaged Buddhists in Wingello

The Association of Engaged Buddhists is a group of lay Buddhist practitioners and resident ordained Monks and Nuns who are committed to putting the Dhamma into action within their own lives in order to be of benefit to all.
Established in 1993, the Association runs regular evenings of meditation at Sangha Lodge in Lewisham, as well as retreats, workshops and courses in response to specific needs. The Association’s main aim is to share in a non-sectarian way the many benefits of the Dhamma with the wider Australian community.
The association has taken over the property at 219 Forest Road for use as a Retreat centre.  Once they are up and running they will have an open day so that any interested locals can see what they are all about.
This is Bhante, the Spiritual Director of the Association and senior resident monk.  You will see him occasionally in the shop enjoying a coffee and a meal.

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