15 March, 2020

Wingello and the Coronavirus

We will clean everything!
The Coronavirus (officially called COVID-19) is increasing its spread through Sydney and other areas of Australia, with 134 confirmed cases in NSW alone. (Up 22 today - 15 March)
Australia has 249 cases and 3 deaths.

This is NOT just another flu. It is spreading fast and based on the experience in other countries can have serious repercussions for up to 20% of those getting infected, including death (1% to 4%) and permanent loss of lung capacity. Australia has excellent medical facilities but we want to ensure we do not overload them. To do that we need to limit the infection rate and spread of the virus.
That is why we are getting increasing levels of containment and mitigation attempts. No static events for 500+ people, self isolation of all people returning from overseas and more.

What are we doing in Wingello?

We want to make sure the people of Wingello are able to continue life and minimise the chances of getting the coronavirus.
The store is well designed with plenty of space and area in which to move. We are continuing the cleaning of all benches and handles and areas people would touch throughout the day.
If you are sick or in self isolation, stay home. Call us and we will deliver your mail and any supplies you may need.
As a full Post Office we have banking facilities for most banks - deposits, withdrawals and so on. No need to go to Moss Vale or Bowral.
If you need something and can't get out, let us know. We can add some things to our shopping list as we replenish each week. Woolworths Online delivers to Wingello too. (https://www.woolworths.com.au)
We are working with our local suppliers to ensure deliveries and supplies continue through whatever occurs. We have also minimised our contact with others - also known as Social Distancing - to minimise the chance of spreading the virus. No hand shaking. Just the classic Wingello Nod and "G'day".
Popping in to the shop for something to eat is also easy as we have lots of places all separated so you can maintain the recommended distance of 1 metre between groups. So this means Social Distancing does not mean isolation.
We have learned from the fires in January that Wingello has a great community and we can work together to get through anything. We are still rebuilding from the fires and being in self isolation does not mean staying indoors. Going for a walk in the lovely fresh Wingello air and working in the garden are both great ways to get the most out of this forced holiday.

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