01 February, 2020

Wingello Village News - February 2020

The Wingello Village News is here for February 2020.
See this month's  Wingello Village News.
This is the 132nd monthly newsletter.

What's happening this month:
  • The bushfires hit Wingello hard from the South - a historically new direction. We survived and will rebuild.
  • The Fire Brigade have been VERY busy and the fire season isn't over yet.
  • A Wingello Community Meeting on Saturday 22 February
We have also published lots of articles this month regarding the fires:
A preview of the risk we faced from 2 January
A summary of our slice of the fight for Wingello
Our Firies defence of Wingello - Not on my watch!
Our neighbours dramatic defence of homes
Wingello's own Fire Relief Fund
Remembering that the fire has not just a physical toll
A tribute to the incredible community spirit of Wingello


1 comment:

Myles and Lyn Leniston said...

A big thank you to David for keeping us up to date as much as he is able about our fire situation