09 January, 2020

Wingello Fire Relief Fund

Flowering after the fires
Wingello was hit hard on Saturday Night, 4 January 2020. Fire raced through the forest behind us after being ignited from the huge Currowan Fire that had been threatening for weeks. The suddenness of the onslaught of fire took everyone by surprise. The combination of incredibly brave fire fighters and preparations by locals and good dose of fortune meant we were able to contain the loss to around 12 homes, but almost everyone suffered destroyed shed, gardens, cars and many personal property.
We are very grateful that we didn't lose all the houses on the Eastern side of the village.
As fellow villagers we have already taken care of everyone who have lost their houses finding accommodation, clothing, food and care to show them they are not alone.
The harder part is to come from the financial burden of recovery hits, handling the gap between what was insured and the actual costs.
The Wingello Village Association has established a special account to co-ordinate the financial relief efforts. The purpose of the fund is to cover the gap between insurance and actual costs. There are no administration costs as we will be doing the work ourselves with a committee of locals to oversee the account and expenditure. The Wingello Village Store is part of the oversight committee.
Donations can be by direct EFT transfer, or through the shop by credit card or cash.
The fund is to last for 12 months and at the end any remaining funds will be used for repairing the village, replanting appropriate trees and public amenities.
Any money donated will go directly to the benefit of Wingello and those affected by these fires. No commissions, costs or administration expenses will be deducted.
Wingello takes care of their own.

To donate EFT to:
BSB: 802-101
Acc: 100077285
Name: Wingello Fire Relief Fund

Donations are NOT tax deductible. We are not waiting for that paperwork and bureaucracy. We want to help people now. There are NO admin costs.

If you wish to use credit card or are from overseas, you can contribute via our GoFundMe page

Let us know who you are in the comments.


Unknown said...

I am in for a $100

Wingello Village Store said...

Thank you very much