03 February, 2019

Wingello Village News - February 2019

The Wingello Village News is fresh off the press!
See this month's  Wingello Village News.
This is the 120th monthly newsletter. 10 years of Wingello life captured in our monthly newsletters.

10 years is a long-is time but it has flown by.

Other news:
  • Do you want the Tennis Courts resurfaced? Use them and let us know.
  • School is back!
  • and the Wingello Rural Fire Brigade has been fighting fires in Tasmania.

1 comment:

Michael Bucknell said...

Thank you Bruggemans for your 10 years. [I meant to send this to you in February but it's been busy getting settled in to our place in Wingello.]
We so appreciate the friendly family and other staff at the store, love the coffee, love the egg and bacon rolls and the great service you provide.

And especially appreciated is your service to the local community with things like this Village News. Your shop is the heart and soul of the place.

Could I suggest one thing please? Your staff all have name tags and that's great to be able to address them by name. I would love the authors of the various articles in the Village News to put their name to the piece. And the Editor who I believe is David Bruggeman, why not have his name and role listed? I think everyone deserves to be recognised for the good work they do.

Keep up the great work and thanks again

Michael Bucknell
45 Bumballa Road