02 August, 2014

Brrrr. We have finally hit the cold bits of Winter

Ice clearing is fun
We had snow last night!  It wasn't a lot and it fell down in the midst of rain almost horizontally, but it was SNOW!
Being so cold we all went to the warm shop for some yummy Fish and Chips.  The boys dressed up with long jackets, hats, gloves and boots and walked in - because they could!
The fireplace at the shop was very effective and al our guests last night chose to eat in the back area near the lovely warmth.
This morning the sun was up and the sky was bright and clear. Any open water was frozen which meant the children were able to run around and do some ice breaking.  The trampoline was the most fun.  Use a wooden hammer, smash the ice and jump at the same time. Fun!

Warm Hands are even better

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