19 November, 2011

Thieves about, 
Wingello watch out!

A few weeks ago, a chair was used to smash one of the rear windows at the shop.  The thief only succeeded in breaking the window, cutting himself and leaving blood in several places.
Police are investigating.
The same thieves attempted to break into Tallong the night before.  The following week the crooks actually broke into Tallong, smashing the window, knocking over the grocery shelves and discovered the till was empty at night time.  So no actual theft just stupid damage.
Other vandalism and petty thefts have happened, most likely from the same culprits.  Perhaps they don’t realise that their fingerprints and DNA evidence are on record and when they are caught in future all of these escapades will come back to haunt them.
The school has also been broken into twice causing much damage and minor thefts.
Your mission:
If you see someone who has cuts to his hands or arm, ask him where he got them.  We want our village to be a safe place to live.  It is thought the crooks are from somewhere between Wingello and Marulan.
Some of you know who is doing these thefts.  Don’t let them get away with it.
This is from only a few people.  A very small group that aren’t very bright.  A vigilant Wingello will uncover the culprits.

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