01 February, 2011

Good Neighbours II

A blackout becomes a community event
On Saturday night (Feb 5) a very hot week ended with a gratifying cool change.  Around 9pm Wingello and Penrose experienced a blackout which - as always - the children found exciting.
Thinking about the retained heat in the shop and the freezers with all our ice creams, I drove to the shop with Eric and we opened all the doors to let that lovely cool breeze flowing through the front door to the back of the store.
The temperature dropped 2 degrees in about 45 minutes but the important part to this story is what happened while we were waiting for Nature to do her work.
As it was a refreshing change in the weather and most homes remained quite warm, many villagers were outside on their verandahs or going for walks.
You could see the flashes of torches in all sorts of places and there was a great lightning show being put on for our benefit in the clouds.
Noticing a couple of flashes in and around the shop many people flashed lights our way, making sure “everything was OK”.
One neighbour even rushed over with his car to make sure no-one was doing anything “silly” at the shop.
Thank you to Wingello for the community watch.
Why be anywhere else?

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